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New dawn

Excuse the corny title but the sunrises this past couple of days have been inspiring… I’ve managed to get back into morning walk routine and with the days slightly shorted 6:30 is pretty stunning on the north coast. I also completed a full week of daily training, often with the kids joining in and allContinue reading “New dawn”

If you let people go first, it’ll take less time

Heard this quote this morning on a Podcast with Chris Voss and feel is applicable in so many threads of life. In many work engagements I naturally take this stance…but in today’s non-ideal environments, it’s a fine line between active listening as a strong leader or appearing to have nothing valuable to contribute. The windowContinue reading “If you let people go first, it’ll take less time”

Self Improvement …not for me; focused on unlearning bad habits

So I needs to start somewhere, or rather re-start. Define….prioritise and nuke! Simples! Curiosity … this is the root of many good habits and traits. Is it some of what gives me the drive to ‘do’ everyday or perhaps that’s just routine? What will I learn? What can I do to learn more? What willContinue reading “Self Improvement …not for me; focused on unlearning bad habits”

Why start blogging now…

So…I have never considered myself a writer…which is a fair assessment in my rough 38 years of writing experience…but figure to improve I must practice. I’ve heard the saying perfect practice makes progress – so the outlook, unfortunately, is not great. I’ve been keeping a general journal now for over a year on paper andContinue reading “Why start blogging now…”

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